The Team

We’ve spent 15 years doing what we love, and the results are evident. At Chilli, we attribute our success not just to the quality of our work but, more importantly to the exceptional individuals who make up our team.

A team of analysts, consultants, marketeers, creatives, editors, producers, and storytellers, solving problems, shaping propositions, developing strategies, producing sales assets and much, much more, for a diverse range of clients.

Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens

Our values shape who we are, how we work, and our mindset. They help ensure we keep evolving, keep growing, and keep moving forward – so we stay relevant to our clients.


Striving for unparalleled quality, consistently prioritising our clients' success.


Embracing inventive thinking and challenging convention to give our clients a competitive edge.


Fostering a culture of transparency and trust, with actions always guided by honesty and respect.


Cultivating a nimble mindset, staying ahead of the curve to best meet our clients' needs.

Let’s think, solve, and create together

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Let’s think, solve, and create together

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