Banking strategy

It all begins with a strategy. We help you understand what is happening and why, enabling us to develop practical strategies that generate long-term, profitable growth.

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What we do

We’re specialists in front and back book strategy and have worked with many of Europe’s leading retail banks, helping them develop innovative growth strategies. We have also worked with many new startups and challenger banks on their product strategy and development.

Our recent projects span new product and proposition development, analysing and understanding customer and portfolio behaviour, integrating channel dynamics and optimising business processes.

Why we focus on front and back book strategy

The retail banking industry is changing at an unprecedented rate with pressure coming from new entrants, regulations and customer expectations. Within such an intensely competitive market, banks are under immense pressure to differentiate themselves and deepen their relationships with their customers.

Typically, we see very little difference between banking products and services, yet we often notice there is a significant difference in the way customer bases behave. We believe this is the opportunity space. How customers behave and use a particular bank is unique and distinct, and therein lays the opportunity for differentiation.

How we help clients succeed

Successful banks tend to know their customers and understand what drives their behaviour. They establish a consumer-focused proposition designed to engage, excite and motivate. These same banks track changes in customer behaviour and needs, adapting and evolving their proposition offerings to maintain the highest levels of engagement.

We help our clients do exactly this, and more. We help them stand out from competitors through improved management and design of propositions, optimising the behaviour of their back book and front book customers. In this way, we help them gain greater market and wallet share and achieve essential, long-term success.

Our services include…

Product portfolio performance and profitability

Improving portfolio profitability, market reputation and customer satisfaction are key objectives for most banks.

Our services have proven invaluable to clients wanting to:

Main bank/primary banking

Increasingly across Europe, consumers are holding more than one account with more than one bank. For example, it is estimated that the average adult in the UK now holds three current accounts, and this pattern is likely to continue into the future. In this environment, ensuring your account is the first stop for your customer’s financial needs is becoming more important than ever.

Our expertise is in identifying primary banking behaviour and understanding what drives and influences this. We help clients throughout Europe evolve, designing their propositions to maximise customer engagement and ensure the highest levels of customer primacy across their portfolios.

Proposition development and market launch strategy

Whether you’re targeting new customer segments, looking to launch a new product or planning a market entry launch, the key challenge is not only to ensure acquisition volumes but to also secure optimal customer usage and engagement levels.

Our skill set, experience and expertise will support you every step of the way and help ensure your new proposition or venture succeeds. Whether you need support with market analysis and opportunity assessment, strategy and proposition formulation or go-to-market execution, we have the capability to make a difference.

Proposition development & launch

Banking strategy

Recent successful projects

A major Central European bank requested our help to develop a three-year strategy to maximise their number of primary customers. We carried out a detailed analysis of their ‘everyday’ banking proposition, the customer experience, and their pricing and reward strategies. We analysed and benchmarked their KPI performance, their product P&Ls and undertook engagement segmentation to identify areas of strength and the key value opportunity pools. From this we developed a turnaround strategy that we could ensure would exceed primary customer objectives and engagement. Finally, we worked closely with the client to develop and deliver a presentation to the company’s board, securing permission and funding to execute the strategy.

Working with a new ‘UK challenger’ bank, we completed a 360-degree business ‘health check’ to identify key growth opportunities and areas of risk. This review covered product, marketing and customer experience, as well as customer engagement segmentation.

We highlighted proposition gaps and benchmarked features and performance against best practice examples. Our interactive approach helped our client formulate a robust plan, covering all aspects of their proposition from acquisition to customer retention. They have since seen strong growth in new customer acquisition, market share and profitability growth.

We developed a five-year strategy for a leading Nordic bank who wanted to grow their card profitability levels by improving their customer relationships. We started with an extensive review of the card P&L; the insights of which formed the foundations for the emerging strategy, targeting achievable KPI performance with a P&L improvement of circa 50 percent. The full strategy has achieved sign off by the board of directors and is now being implemented by the bank.



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Working at ChilliMint is both rewarding and challenging. You’ll be immersed from the start, giving you the opportunity to rapidly learn about, and prove yourself in, the financial services and banking sector.

We will match your commitment to us with all the encouragement and support you need to develop and maximise your potential. We are excited to offer huge opportunities to help you progress on your career path, from consulting analyst to full partner.

We work in small teams and from day one, you will be exposed to live projects and have delivery responsibilities. Additionally, you will be in direct contact with directors, partners and senior level clients. Whatever your level, you will be expected to contribute to team debates and client meetings. The below diagram illustrates the career path you could experience at ChilliMint.

Careers path

Career path


2x Graduate consulting analysts

We’re on the hunt for two ambitious, hard-working graduate consulting analysts to join our busy team.

This ambitious role will involve:

  • Working on a variety of client projects simultaneously
  • Conducting analysis and research on banking and financial services, across the UK and European markets, including specific research into product and service innovations, new launches, innovations and developments (e.g. ApplePay) in the industry
  • Undertaking more specific research into a client’s performance and the specific products they offer, to identify strategic growth opportunities
  • Writing reports, creating presentations and delivering back to directors and eventually to clients
  • The opportunity to travel with directors on client visits, both nationally and internationally

Essential Skills

  • Excellent academics with a minimum 2:1 degree. Preferred subjects include marketing, economics, management, business, finance, sciences or maths – but all will be considered
  • Hard-working, ambitious and driven to succeed in a consulting environment
  • Motivated by being part of a small business, with the potential for a long-term equity share
  • Highly personable; communicates with gravitas, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to work independently but in a problem-solving, team-oriented environment
  • Commercial, able to understand financial services
  • Pragmatic and logical with a good head for numbers, able to spot trends in data
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills (particularly PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Language skills are desirable but not essential

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